The Worst Foods To Eat Before You Exercise

Contrary to popular belief there are a few foods that you should definitely avoid before working out. When it comes to the worst foods to eat before you exercise there are few things that can definitely handle your performance and make you sluggish and tired.


Protein bars are really delicious unfortunately they're also really unhealthy. Most protein bars are loaded with sugar that can cause you to crash quickly and leave you feeling really run down in the middle of any work out. If you really need to grab something before workout you should definitely look at something like a small banana or a half a cup of grilled chicken. Both of these are much better when it comes to having a snack before you workout.


Well you make think that avocados ruled the world these days, they are awful when it comes to working out. You should never have an avocado before you exercise. That also goes for other awesome fats like olive oil and nuts. They're slow to digest, so they actually make your body compete for its own blood supply which can lead to cramping during a run or while you're on an elliptical. You're better off having these with a nice salad after your early morning workout so that you can add the fat back into your system.


Spicy foods are a big No-No before any workout. While you might think that adding capsaicin to your diet can cause you to burn more calories, it can also cause you to have heartburn or indigestion. Who wants to burp up spicy peppers in the middle of a spin class? Not me! That brings us to the fact that you should also avoid anything fried before workout. Fry's Foods are typically High and the bad fats. They are also covered in loads of salt which can make you feel super run down and dehydrated while you're working out.


Another thing to stay away from when it comes to drinks. While you might think that these are packed with loads of vitamins and electrolytes, they are also really high in sugar and that Sugar sincerely is worse than any benefit the sports drink may have. This also goes for things like energy drinks! That can make your heart race too fast when you are doing cardio. Instead, grab an ice cold bottle of water and chug it down.


On the other side of the spectrum you may think that it's okay to workout without having anything on your stomach. However, a small piece of fruit and a glass of water is definitely better than an empty stomach. If you really want to kick things up a notch and go hard on your workout grab a small banana and a pre-workout drink for has some awesome pre-workout options that will help you feel full and also give you enough energy to get through your work out with much more stamina so that you maximize your efforts!